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Headaches, migraines, tiredness, fatigue, weight problems, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, catarrh, sinus congestion, IBS, digestive disorders, anxiety and depression. These and many other complaints may be due to food sensitivities or allergic conditions.

If you suffer with any of the above complaints, a simple test could seriously change your life!

Using the Health Kinesiology muscle testing procedure, your body's response to over 350 different substances is tested, including:


The system is based on utilising feedback from the muscles to measure disturbance in the body’s energy meridian system to a range of different substances. Homeopathically prepared samples are used, which are placed on the body in sealed glass vials, so there is no risk of coming into contact with the actual substances. The test is painless and non-invasive and is suitable for everyone, including babies and young children.


The test will identify which substances you are allergic to and those to which you have a low tolerance level. If an allergy is indicated, you will need to completely eliminate this food from your diet or avoid the substance as much as possible. For foods that are identified as intolerances, further testing is undertaken to identify the level at which it can be safely tolerated e.g. 0.5 pint of milk a day or 2 eggs a week.


After receiving the results of the test many clients choose to return for further Health Kinesiology sessions, during which a tailor-made programme is devised to help balance and strengthen their body in relation to the problem substances. In many cases, this results in the foods being able to be reintroduced into the diet or substances to be safely encountered once again.




about Kathryn



allergy and Intolerance testing, health kinesiology and reiki healing




Kathryn is a qualified holistic therapist, specialising in Health Kinesiology, Reiki Healing and allergy and intolerance testing. She first trained in Health Kinesiology and Reiki healing in 2005 after gaining great personal benefit from sessions. She was impressed by the ability that Health Kinesiology has to identify and release stress and limiting patterns and help with a wide range of health issues.

Since then Kathryn has undertaken additional training in Essential Kinesiology (using essential oils, crystals and colour), Nutrition for Kinesiologists, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Reiki healing (Master-level attuned) and a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming, which she is able to incorporate into sessions with clients. She is a Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner, having been a member of the Federation since 2007, and is focused on regularly updating and expanding her skills set. In 2010, she gave up her career in environmental management to focus solely on her therapy practice.

Kathryn believes that we all have tremendous capacity to change and heal naturally. Just as we have become out of balance due to stress, poor lifestyle or other factors, with the correct help and advice our bodies have an amazing ability to recover and come back into balance. As a holistic therapist, she aims to do the very best for her clients, helping them on their path to health and happiness and utilises her skills and experience to develop a unique programme tailored to each person.

Kathryn offers sessions in Health Kinesiology, Reiki Healing and allergy and intolerance testing from the clinic and has experience of helping clients with a wide range of health and emotional issues. She is happy to offer new clients an initial consultation over the telephone.